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Luxury Crocs Charms

We Offer Adult and Kids 
Custom Inspired Luxury Handmade Charms 

(Small charms, Large Charms, Extra Large Charms)

Custom Luxury Official Crocs (we Do not Own) 

Our Adorn Luxury Inspired charms are made to fit Shoe Decorations for girls and boys crocs.The buttoon on the back is made of hard plastic and it is pushed through the shoe hole easily. 
Our charms fit crocs perfectly. Inspired Luxury  charms to make your  sandal Luxury. 
Our Sandals/ Charms are great for weddings, birthday gifts, Sitting Pretty, Baby showers.. and more 

PLEASE NOTE: all charms are handmade to order unless otherwise stated. imperfections in appearance and construction may occur in the final product due to material available 



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